WikiStat, a Greasemonkey extension for viewing Wikipedia edit distributions

In my previous post I wanted to make a pie graph quickly, and so for the first time used Google’s relatively new charting API. It’s a pretty neat little concept, taking in all the data and parameters for the chart in a single URL and then giving you the resulting image. I thought there had to be a better use for that than a static joke pie chart. Then in a meeting of my quiet interest in information visualization and some previous experience at writing a Greasemonkey script (if you know Javascript but haven’t tried GM, do so. It’s actually quite fun and easy), I decided to have a stab at using the API in a slightly more dynamic and useful way.

It’s called WikiStat and shows the time distribution of up to 250 of the most recent edits on an article, giving you a quick insight on how recently and intensively edited a page has been edited.

WikiStat screenshot

You’ll need Firefox and Greasemonkey to use it.  If you’ve got those, then click here to install it.

I haven’t tested it with anything other than GM 0.7 and FF3b3. I do recall that Opera can do user scripts these days, so it might be able to do it too. No promises though.

I’m most interested in suggestions for improvements.


WikiStat pie chart screenshot

Added a pie chart to show approximately how many of the edits were reversions. Makes for somewhat depressing viewing when you then consider there’s an invisible but equally large and ultimately non-productive segment of the pie.


2 responses to “WikiStat, a Greasemonkey extension for viewing Wikipedia edit distributions

  1. Very interesting. It’s along the same line as the research that we have been doing called WikiDashboard that displays the social dynamics behind the editing patterns of articles.

  2. Hello , i’m very pleased with your script except it works only with english pages. Do you know anyway to make it works in others languages ?

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