Tim Keller talks at Google

One of Google’s lesser-known “products” that’s worth trawling through some time is their series of videoed talks held at the Google Campus. There’s a lot of slightly-hidden gems there along with the presidential candidate interviews and tech-talks. Take this one for example.

This is an interesting talk given by Tim Keller of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York on his new book The Reason for God, as part of Google’s rather neat Authors@Google series. In it he gives a summary of the book, an explanation aimed  at a secular audience for why people believe (in the generic, pan-religion sense, although he comes at it from a Christian bent). Justin Buzzard wrote up a rough outline of the talk.

It’s worth watching if only for the good Q&A session at the end, where some Googlers throw him sharp questions and he doesn’t do too shabby a job answering them. One of them notes that he had never seen the room so packed for an author talk.

If you’re bandwidth constrained like I am and like to choose when and where to download and watch long videos (it’s 125MB or so), you can use TechCrunch’s Youtube download tool (or similar, that’s just the first decent one I found on Google) to download the .flv file, which will play with VLC or any other decent video player.

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