The line between post-modernism and madness…

… is a social construct. Or so it would seem from the story of the lecturer at Dartmouth college who decided to sue her students for harassment when French Literary Theory and how it applies to science didn’t go down too well with them.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Priya Venkatesan taught English at Dartmouth College. She maintains that some of her students were so unreceptive of “French narrative theory” that it amounted to a hostile working environment. She is also readying lawsuits against her superiors, who she says papered over the harassment, as well as a confessional exposé, which she promises will “name names.”

Ms. Venkatesan’s scholarly specialty is “science studies,” which, as she wrote in a journal article last year, “teaches that scientific knowledge has suspect access to truth.” She continues: “Scientific facts do not correspond to a natural reality but conform to a social construct.”

The journal article in question. I can’t imagine why her science students objected to any of these arguments.

[COI declaration: I tried to read Foucault a few weeks ago. It was a 10 page essay. I got 3 pages in before I gave up.]

Via Gawker and Julian Sanchez.


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